Re: Moving home..bigger garden in sticks ..k9ay’s??

David Cutter

I'm in the market for these.  I have a K9AY in one corner of a field and a pair of flags at right angles in the other corner for diversity reception.  This is in preparation for my remote station in a friend's QTH...far from the madding crowd.

David G3UNA

On 22 November 2021 at 11:44 Chris Moulding <chrism@...> wrote:

For the best results with K9AY antennas it's best to use a preamp.

We are about to release a suitable preamp called the Flag Antenna Amplifier.

It's similar to our other amplifiers with a built in common mode choke and correct matching for a flag antenna such as the K9AY. It also isolates the antenna from the usual RF noise coming up the coax feeder.

I've got all the photos and info to prepare a web page for it and also one using the amplifier in a W2PM Mini-Flag antenna. This has a cardioid pattern but the pattern is wideband and is unaffected by frequency changes unlike the CSA design cardioid loop I've written about on a web page before.

I should get the web pages written this week so I'll post on the forum when they are available.



On 22 Nov 2021, at 11:28, Simon < ohhellnotagain@...> wrote:


as is live in east London with big mag loops and 6 various rx antennas. Cardioid loops and crossed parallel loops.

i use for low band operating (160-40)

next year a move to bigger qth with big garden on the cards. Getting stuff ready!

tx will be using verticals with extensive ground radials.more likely an inverted L for 160 due to not buying a farm!

but for rx..I suspect will not have enough room for beverages..( not buying a farm) 

so main aim is low angle radiation on rx antennas to hear dx on 160..hopefully the area we move to is low noise..

looking at replacing my rx loops with k9ay array.maybe 3 with them in a triangle position in garden ( space allowing) so can phase them in 4 directions..the main k9ay will be in the “ centre “ ( switchable 4 directions) and the 2 others off the sides making a triangle.
will use ( as have made one) the lz1aq delay line unit..see lz1aq site for info, he uses to switch small loops.

before going ahead and buying stuff to take ( 7m poles etc) has anyone on here had experience with the k9ay’s?

the k9ay’s will be cat5e connected with suitable transformers ( i find proper setup cat5 to be much quieter and cheaper than using coax, i use it here on my rx loop preamps.)

also will i need preamps on the k9ay’s? 

Thank you Simon g0zen  



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