Re: Re-purposing older CCW amplifier

David Cutter

Thanks, Chris that sounds like an interesting approach: I could re-position one of the element holders onto an adjacent side of the box and use the original elements. 

It doesn't give me the noise properties of a loop, so, I'll be ordering the LAA for that.  I think the bicycle rim is a great idea. 

73 David G3UNA

On 29 June 2021 at 11:26 Chris Moulding <chrism@...> wrote:

Hi David,

The HF Active Antenna was designed as a very high impedance balanced amplifier to work with a short dipole.

The bicycle wheel loop needs a low impedance amplifier such as the Loop Antenna Amplifier.

One way to reuse one of the HF Active Amplifiers is to make a Vee antenna with the elements at 90 degrees rather than 180 degrees. This makes an omni-directional antenna with elliptical polarisation that can hear ground wave, NVIS and sky wave signals equally well with reduced fading.

The web page showing that antenna is here:

By the way I'm planning soon to release an amplifier for a Vee antenna so that users can source the whips locally to keep the shipping cost down.



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