Re: VLF to HF Active Antenna LED Status and Troubleshooting Possible Lack of Gain Fault

Robert, VA3ROM

Well, it looks as if I've lost the antenna. I just switched over to another antenna and my KiwiSDR is picking up stations like crazy so I suspect that the LNA is blown in the CCW active vertical antenna. Voltage going up to the antenna sections okay just no gain whatsoever. I can't see anything going wrong with the base Owen splitter bias-t

Could also be the feed line but since I'm  reading a voltage up to the antenna and the top section I can't see how the coax could be bad but still send a voltage up to the antenna. But I'll swap it out tomorrow with new line and see what happens.

Funny, though I still have some receive from about 100 kHz and down. I can receive the US Navy VLF powerhouse beacons and WWVB albeit I can no longer get a proper decode on the signal with my KiwiSDR like I was once able to do.

I'll open up the antenna housings and see if anything is amiss while I have the antenna on the ground.

At least we have the decent antenna weather for outdoor work.

73 and thanks

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