A Check in

Kev Haworth

Evening folks.
I've not checked in for a while as I've been playing radio from the car with my new IC7300.

However,  Home is a noisy suburb of Liverpool/Bootle UK and I've been experimenting with a QRM eliminator which has enhanced the excellent LAA+.

I'm sat listening to many Stateside stations on 80m SSB at the moment who are working EU and beyond, the EU stuff is easy, however, I do hear the DX occasionally, remarkable for such an inexpensive product.

A new 5 band vertical has been made with a Spiderbeam 12M HD and this will be used on a local beach very soon.

The biggest thing of late is the ability to null out noise with the LAA+, it has helped me immensely, I'll post a video over the next couple of weeks.

Best to all.



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