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Hi there..hope you all well??!

update continued.

well..i have been using 2 cardioid 2 m loops ( cat5 feed) with remote direction switching..nw or se.
they were broadside 14m apart.

after much experimenting i have come to the conclusion that the combined noise of both preamps ( both loops phased  together, identical lengths of cat 5 etc) added to the background noise they amplify was GREATER than the extra “ gain” one had in having 2 loops..
ie better sn on single loop than on 2.

so a reworking..

now have one cardioid loop nw or se switching and another ne or sw switching.ALSO they switch from cardioid to “ normal” loops from shack i can go nw, ne, se and sw. OR switch them to normal loops with ne and sw or nw and se.
this i did today. 

testing on 80m...working k2rr vy2 etc on 3790..
on my big mag loop they were hard to hear..noise floor was s7.. they s8 ( they giving me s9 plus!..i guess they running beverages etc.)

on normal loop setting about the same sn but weaker.
on cardioid loop setting....
se ..gone..nothing.
nw ..s7-8 noise s3
sw..s4  noise s3
ne ..s4..noise s4 a treat..out preforming my big mag loop on rx..

similar on 160m aiming at locsl smpsu noise..

beginning to really like the cardioid loops now ironing out any teething issues i had..Very usefull to have a lowish angle of takeoff switchable direction low band rx antenna..

mag loop simon g0zen 

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