Re: VLF LAA+ or Hi Z AA.

Chris Moulding

Hi Vince,

The choice of antenna really depends on your noise situation.

Any antenna will receive wanted signals, in your case you want to reduce the noise so that you can hear them.

If you have noise coming from one defined source then a loop antenna using the VLF Loop Antenna Amplifier will be a good option as you can use one of the two sharp nulls of the loop to null out the noise source.

If the noise is coming from a wider source like VDSL data over telephone lines then another option would be to make a cardioid loop using the Beverage Antenna Amplifier. This gives a wide 90 degree plus angle off the back of the antenna that could be used to reduce noise.

The High Z Active Antenna Amplifier and the VLF/LF/HF Active Vertical antenna make omni-directional vertical antennas that can give incredible results in very quiet rural or beach locations. Unfortunately they would be swamped by the noise at your location.

Another alternative would be to try a vertical antenna with loop counterpoises like the one I wrote about in my RadCom article of October 2020.I'm still using a version of this for transmit and receive at home as it reduces the very local noise from neighbouring houses. My current version uses a 10m high wire rather than the more complicated G7FEK vertical I used for the article. We can supply the HF Antenna Isolator as a transformer for the loop counterpoise antenna.

The link to the article is: loop counterpoises.pdf



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