Re: VLF/LF/HF Active Vertical Antenna...5 kHz to 30 MHz Discontinued!

Robert, VA3ROM

Thanks, Chris, that's great to hear!

It's the only antenna that I can put up for spotting MF and LF WSPR beacons feeding my KiwiSDR receiver (setup for 8 receiver channels) plus the 2nd antenna port feeds my VLF SID receiver (19-27 kHz). The only issue I had with the older 100 ma consumption unit was the green LED burned out for some reason. I may open it up this summer and replace both red and green LEDs with resistorized versions. They are way to bright for my eyes and I suspect that something cause a power surge because LEDs usually don't "burn" out unless something went awry. Otherwise, it's working fine for the past two winters that have been extremely wicked even for this Canuck!

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