Re: Low Band Receiving aerials.

David Cutter

There are microwave-rated relays that do a good job of 50 ohms and not really expensive if you are in to VHF+ I don't think these things matter much at HF and MF for receiving. It's not about maximum power transfer theorem it's about signal to noise ratio.

More of an issue if you are a high speed break-in cw operator is relay timing. If it's an issue then a proper sequencer might be needed for use with linear power amplifiers, but some modern rigs have adjustable timing to wait for relay strings to close/open.

David G3UNA

On 15 February 2021 at 22:23 Simon <> wrote:


Surely the early phasers with ptt disconnect and now the rx antennas with similar is the same? Still impedance issues .. which really dont matter anyway, as long as all wiring kept short..
After all, linear amps, rigs etc use relays in rx or tx line and relays dont have 50r impedance..

Note i may have misunderstood your post..

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Yes will be keeping updates going..


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