Re: Low Band Receiving aerials.



Its very easy to protect the phaser/active antennas if using tx into phaser if thats the issue..??

The doublet should if you live in rf quiet area be quiet good rx on 160 assuming its high ish..oh to have a full size antenna!!!

I live in east London..tiny tiny my 160m trx antenna is a big qro mag loop..i run that against a preamped crossed parallel loop ( with phaser.) aiming at the local noise ( smpsu 200m away)
Obviously its in the 100w out from rig not the big amp. It does work well..cqww 160 ssb soon..hopefully get more S America qso’s done..Chile and Argentina would be nice!! Hence the rush in getting the cardioid loop array working..Hearing anything here in London is a challenge in itself!

Right now ( see other post as will be updated hopefully tonight.) am qc’ing/ tweeking the null steerer for the broadside big cardioid loops.

Looks promising..can now null out the s9 smpsu that the cardioid loops we’re hearing ( due to no 90 degree nulls on them.)..still not sure on a few issues..but thats not for here yet..preamps and loops amp by the way are cat5 feed with nw/se switching..

If you have the space endfire cardioid loops? Maybe even 4..


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