Low Band Receiving aerials.

Oyster Town (G0IFS)

Good morning,
Interesting topics on here. I am looking forward to better weather to proceed with the quest for improved signal to noise ratio particularly on Top Band.
I have tried most of the usual suspects, loops of all kinds, Log, bog, E field probes, passive and amplified using commercial and home brew construction. 
At the moment the best combination at this location is a mini whip phased against a well known commercial amplified steerable loop to cancel offending noises.
Next project 2 metre square amplified Cardioid loop, 1 metre circular Cardioid loop and another loop on ground as the last effort was not convincing.

Main HF transmitting aerials are doublet with 250ft top, open wire feeder to link coupled balanced matching units (one for each band), doublet 90 ft top and commercial trapped vertical.
None of them used for receive of course!

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