Re: Antenna amplifier for Beverage and large cardioid loop antennas

Kev Haworth

Simon, oh yes, my favourite antenna is a vertical over salt. 

We used them on the GB0HI and GB2HI activations and to hear JA/VK coming over the top of local stations on 40M in the morning was something I won't forget in a hurry. I've used kite antennas for 160 too over salt, probably at the wrong time of year though as we were working stateside/EU stations only. When I buy my next transceiver, I will be portable from a local beach and will be out in the wintertime with the kites.

Just sorting some ideas out now as how to power / feed from the car to test the beverages over the same beaches,  will take a loop with me as well to switch to and from.

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