Re: Ccw cardioid loop..update from a user of..

Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

I’m seeing very week carriers but nothing copyable. Hence the need to upgrade the loop.



From: <> On Behalf Of Simon
Sent: 06 February 2021 02:29
Subject: Re: [CrossCountryWireless] Ccw cardioid loop..update from a user of..


Wondering..just had a listen on mw for stateside am broadcast stations..2am.. broadside big cardioid loops facing nw from london.
atleast 20 odd carriers from usa..( probably many more as stopped looking at 1030khz.) got bored looking as late.)10 plus readable..( some heavy qsb some not so bad..) when i say readable i mean can work out whats being said without too much trouble..the remaining 10 odd only 25% of audio copied ( very very heavy  qsb and qrm from elsewhere.)

is this good or bad or average?
no idea as normally just on 160m and never really attempted to hear usa am broadcast stations..

asking as testing antennas and also may well give good indication when 160 is open..

thanks simon

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