Re: Ready for Stage 2

Tom Crosbie G6PZZ


It’s 17 year Old Hozelock, yellow. It’s been sitting out for about three years whereas I always emptied it, before putting it back in the shed in it’s designated spot.

The Hose is simply to act as a former, hopefully in a circle of sorts. I might just forget it and go for an octagon.

Just thinking about the weight. Its indoors as well, remember. Its going to look chuffing silly with guy ropes holding it vertical 😊

How’s your Mum in Law? You’ll never guess what Mrs C has gone and done…

Admitted to hospital last Tuesday with really sever pains in her chest. A negative COVID test on entry. Diagnosed with a large blood clot in left lung. IV antibiotics, blood thinner injections daily, morphine, codeine and paracetamol for a week. This Tuesday she tested positive for COVID. Wednesday our GP rings to ask if she could have her first vaccine on Thursday. You couldn’t make it up…

At least she’s home now…still seething and I’m keeping my head down!


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lets assume you are going secret antenna.hense hose pipe..

i forget the name, but its same dia as hose pipe.plastic tubing with ali inner..plumbers stuff..

that would work well..someone will say its name..peta?? 


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