Re: Ccw cardioid loop..update from a user of..

David Cutter

I would call that a success and a half.  

Now to tackle that fading...

David G3UNA

On 31 January 2021 at 19:34 Simon <ohhellnotagain@...> wrote:


watch this space for continued the experiment to see what’s actually possible from a small very  urban house..

with help  from Chris have been playing with phased switchable direction broadside cardioid big loops..looks interesting..listening last night to WINS  in new york on 1010 khz..s9 or so. A good 6db up plus on the crossed parallel loop, plus much less qrm from Europe.( which helps alot!) yes there was qsb, but thats too be expected.( s7 then s9 then s9plus then s7 etc.) 

still much to do..Simon 

ps remember this is from very urban built up london area.not an rf quiet farm in the sticks or similar.

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