Re: Antenna amplifier for Beverage and large cardioid loop antennas



Let me know how the log goes if you try one.
I have and it was a total failure..but that may have been due to over many many meters of radials laid out in the side garden..( which it was directly over.) Or i just got it wrong..( probably was late and keep neighbours off the scent.was a while ago, don’t remember now.)

Considering trying again as so easy to implement..i have a spare ccw loop amp and suitable ferrite ring to wind a matching transformer. Though will be more squashed than ideal..( thin side garden.)

Ideal rx antenna though if can get to work for the nosey neighbour issues..

One wonders what the gnd needs to be to make it work? ( log.) Poor ie like a beverage needs or good like a vertical? My earth is very good..thames basin, always wet clay type soil.( even in mid summer at 2 inches down.)


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