Re: Antenna amplifier for Beverage and large cardioid loop antennas

Jim Smith G0OFE

OK, thanks.. interesting. My back garden is about 6m x 6m. Might be worth trying a LoG. Might also be worth trying a ~20m Bog on the path between here and next door, though I'd be restricted to 330°

Jim, Bournemouth, Dorset. IO90BR.
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On 31/01/2021 11:57, Chris Moulding wrote:
Yes the amplifier works well with the Loop on the Ground antenna.

I did most of the original testing with a Loop on the Ground antenna.

An interesting point I discovered is that the background noise floor of the Loop on the Ground and Beverage antennas is very low often below the noise floor of a sensitive receiver.

Having the amplifier with an isolation transformer and a common mode choke filter built into the amplifier allows the very low signals to be amplified to a useful level.



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