Mag Loop and other info

David Cutter

This site may help a few builders.  I just came across it an hour ago and have had only a cursory look. It contains a lot of useful info on other topics as well.  You need to scroll down to section 7.

Just for amusement I built an aluminium strip loop using a 12ft x 4ft 20swg aluminium sheet forming a tube 4ft long by ~4ft diameter.  Tuning accomplished with several interleaving vanes 4ft long by 4" wide attached to the open ends of the tube. It was a monster.  Eventually I got it to work in a contest on 20m and it had a 48dB front to back ratio to null out the noisiest of Mediterranean and Russian mega-stations.  The pick up loop started life as 4ft square 20swg aluminium sheet to form a tube 4ft long by ~1ft diameter.   Then I moved house and scrapped it and I'm still using bits of aluminium from it 30 years later. Crazy days, fun and educational on several levels, ie learn by doing. 

73 David G3UNA

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