Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..


Hi Chris

I think that may be a good guess about copying..but a patent should have covered that?

Ok then..let’s assume 110r it is..
Let’s assume loop can be anything, so mine will be copper tube as self supporting.( with plastic separator at top and 110r.) and have lots of.

Is there on your modelling/ testing an optional height? C and s show it low to gnd.

Any luck on broadside spacing..come up here with nothing other than min 14m..

May well also alter my endfire array to use cardioid loops..again nw direction..makes them smaller and more directional, though will lose nw se choice..but would like to try broadside first

Also (SORRY.) anything to gain with increasing cardioid loop dia? Say 1.5m?

Thank you Simon

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