Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..

David Cutter


Re sensitivity / signal strength v f/b ratio: if you have a good amplifier then sensitivity might not be an issue.  I would rather reduce strength of other signals getting in to increase signal to noise ratio.  It's also useful to prevent overload in the amplifier chain, though Chris's amplifiers are good in this respect. 

David G3UNA

On 16 January 2021 at 21:48 Simon <ohhellnotagain@...> wrote:

Hi Chris and Martin  and anyone else reading

i can get 14m separation on broadside..for 2..( at a push!)

i have now mounted the cardioid loop up at 3m to base, ( was 1.5m) so now sense aerial is longer..this has  ( will recheck) reduced the nulls on the sides, but increased the back to front ratio..b to f about 15db on 160m..( was 12.)
i would rather have the greater nulls broadside to the loop, but if the forward gain is better at 3m then that is a winner..( to be checked.)

i notice the c and s design uses a low inductance loop.( 3 parallel ali bars welded together.) it also mentions using inductance at top rather than resistance..

any thoughts on this??

looking good now..just need 160 to open to usa..

As is now..facing sw. yes pic on side..

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