Re: How to make a cardioid loop with a Loop Antenna Amplifier +


Hi Chris and everyone.

hope you are all well?

my initial evaluation of this loop gave me poor very little signal output..but I am not one to give up.I expect was hoping for a miracle antenna!! ( was only 1m dia single loop.)

After finding the original papers on this it suggests ( but gives no values.) of using inductance and not resistance in the loop ( directly above feed point.)

I ask please for more why 110r used? Does this value need to be altered if loop has higher or lower inductance/ size etc..( i wish to try to use my quad 1m square loop.( total area 4m)

why a resistor and not an inductor?( as per original paper)

I ask as still on a quest to make the best  rx loop array I can here..  ie possibly phasing cardioid loops ( if i can get them to work to my satisfaction..)

My delay line 2 quad loop array is working well, i can get a good f/b ratio, but still struggle to hear USA on 160m ssb.. looking for better!! ( though it trounces the single quad loop!) 

please excuse my questions..all my rf knowledge is home learnt.. (did mechanical and electrical at uni..) so always on a learning curve re rf..( though been 40 yrs now since passed rae!  Getting old...)

regards..stay well Simon g0zen 

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