Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..


Hi again..


Re coupling from mag loop to rx loop array..

Sorted!! ( for now.)

Was playing around on 40m..testing directional array vs full size inverted v vs 40m big mag loop vs other rx loop..

Interesting..and rather good! Hearing yb ja zl on directional loop array and not on others..ok not strong..s5.. but better than in noise.

What i noticed was no coupling from 40 mag loop..( again very h q antenna.) 40 mag loop is also real close to rx array..but not in line.

With this in mind i rotated 160-80m mag loop from nnw to now not directly inline with closest rx loop..( was 1m away, now 2m.)

Coupling gone..result!! Now background noise floor on rx loop array s1-2..hearing many more stations..all well above noise floor here in ok lz la ea9 iz9 etc..( depends upon loop array direction.) no dx on 160m this eve.

Also preamps seem to be rf in tx 400w from loop no blown up sdr or preamp.

CHRIS please make a passive delay go with your new preamp..or atleast make one to play with.quite stunning..make it 4 directional..

Mag loop simon ( happy except for m in law.) pls wish her well if you believe in the god thing..she does (very very Irish.)...( afraid i dont.)

Her name is Theresa..

Thank you.

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