Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..

David Cutter


I'm staggered by your results and you must have some local magic going on to get a noise floor of -140dBm, don't change a thing, you're in a sweet spot.

BTW if you can't hide your loops you could try some simple camouflage, eg light grey mat car paint primer with the odd splash of mat pale green or brown to break up the straight lines. If you can raise and lower it so it's not always visible, your neighbours can have little to complain about.

Good luck, I'm looking forward to the next episode on this channel.

David G3UNA

On 05 January 2021 at 11:47 Simon <> wrote:

Ahhhh so it does..

Since i only interested in 160-40( max.) I have not seen this no losses noticable here.( cable runs are shortish.)

I shall carry on using the common mode interference..dont want to upset that..


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