Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..


Hi Chris


Why do you not recommend using of the screen in cat5e?

I am using..its screened at rx delay line controller/ psu / rx out to rig——- screen connects to passive delay line—— follows out to the preamps..BUT IS NOT connected at left floating..

I here at my qth in london have a genuine -140 dbm plus noise floor with preamps off..( measured on elad duo trx..sdr console software.) ie noise floor of no common mode interference induced.thats with circa 50m of cat5e running around garden and front room( much to Mary’s annoyance!)

I cannot see it getting any better with no screening..only worse..

Please explain why you recommend this..genuinely interested!!( every db helps!!)..i am not using rj45’s but hard wired in via screwterminals..( no rj 45 crimper to hand and no way of getting out to but one ..bloody covid self isolation!)

I am using very high quality german made cat5e..( ebay bargain.£20 for 300m!!..result!)

Also my preamps are grounded to rf gnd via copper stake..this is via diode protection and 100k resistor.( mainly for qro tx protection.) ( at input to loop on preamp.)
See diagram in email..

Stay well Simon

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