Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..


Hi Tom

Neighbours and jobs worth council people ( in uniforms telling me to take down my antennas, on their own back without realising they had been up for over 4 years, so had to go away with tail between their legs types..) are funny people..

I get on really well with my neighbours, but sometimes I even think looking up at the antennas that maybe i ought not to put more up!! Lol

Still..i do not live in a conservation area..there are many phone masts within sight much much bigger than anything here..and bird boxes are about to be attached to new ( really useful once occupied.)

Hopefully neighbour will allow loop into their back garden ( placed against fence and disguised..)
This will allow it to work better as well as lowering profile..
They owe us some favours so lets see..( Bangladesh family whom only us would speak to for a few years..sorted their kids schools out etc..) very nice people..

Keep well Tom and others. mag loop simon g0zen

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