Re: Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..




Maybe big mag loop is not coupling as much as had feared..going to leave rx loops in situ for today and test properly this eve...if they do couple then tomorrow move them lower and behind them another 3m spacing from big loop..
Ideally i would like to put one in Neighbours garden..!! ( to be worked on!)

Regarding cat5e vs coax..( feeding the loops, delay line etc.)

Lets say will be replacing the coax to my other active rx loops asap!
Common mode noise non existent upon the cat5e turn power off to loops..and noise floor on my duo sdr is at circa rx noise floor.( loops still connected, just not powered up.)

To get near that using coax ( as on other rx loop) i have needed to add ALOT of ferrite..and its still no way as “ clean”.
Another advantage of the cat5e is one has 4 pairs to play with..which can be used to control switched loops etc.
Another advantage is its cheap compared to decent coax.

Lets see how loops cope this eve when 160 open..


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