Covid..and making phased loop antenna array..


First of all happy new year to all..

my wife  and I are recovering from covid..mother in law is in hospital..induced lets say DONT get this!! Its not good..fingers crossed for m in law..
It took out 50% of staff at work..all much younger than I. So please be careful.

so had 2 plus weeks of not alot I can do ..cant leave house..( track and trace.) 
this may be of interest to you active loop lot! ( or not.)

have been making a phased loop array ..aim is to be able to hear usa etc on 160m in one direction..(nw) Australia in another etc..

as you know dought know the single loop has a pretty poor angle of max take vertical..

to improve this Chris has posted design for the cardioid loop..this however I have found is “ deaf” at my qth. I need much much more “gain “ to hear usa on 160m ssb..

so have built 2 of 4 square 1 m crossed loop be placed inline at 8m apart ( max I can get.)  these are running into a pair of high gain high imd preamps..then into a passive variable delay line..then into rx..cat5e cable though out.
(there will be a third made to have 4 directions, but for now just 2.)

reason have used such a large loop array is that it has about 16 times current going to amp than a single 1m loop..( 1/4,inductance plus 4 times area.) this helps no end and compensates for the 6db loss in the  delay line/ combiner..

The advantages of this phased array hopefully will be once finished , 4 switchable directions..good front  to back ratio..and much much lower angle of radiation dx..

disadvantage..Chris has not made a passive delay line!! So had to build it all in house= many days..( still got sod all else to do..cant visit m in covid plus no visitors..another plus is dont have to watch day time tv!! ( god its crap!!)

so now to “ hide” two big loops..thinking i will hide them in full view..and see whats said..

hopefully testing tomorrow..

stay well mag loop simon g0zen 

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