Re: Noise antenna..


Nothing then???

ok update..have found source of noise..well almost..its either house A or B. Both directly opposite each other, Both have led up lights on side of house..about 70m sw of me..
will work out which house it is tomorrow..

so need a directional antenna with lots of “gain” compared to say cardioid loop and importantly with no real dx potential..( which also rules out cardioid loop,) to use as noise antenna.

need something that will not receive any dx as once passed though phaser will also null out dx!

any ideas?????

also, which maybe to approach said offender and get them to replace led bulbs..or light sensor ( Which seems more appropriate as noise always there 24hrs a day.noise gets worse as lamps switch on..) 
I thinking tell them the truth, but also suggest interference slowing down their wifi?? I dont mind replacing bulbs etc myself, but I suspect that could be iffy..( legally.)

anyone been here before?? Advice..

thanks Simon 

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