Noise antenna..


Looking for ideas ( that i have not already tried,) for noise antenna to feed a the attempt to null out a smpsu on 1845-1855khz..
this noise varies in amplitude and frequency depending upon time of originates  from  atleast 100m away at about 210 degrees ( i think.)

I can not null it out enough on the BIG trx mag loop, but can on the active loop array.. Unfortunately until I build the extra loop and delay line the active loop is not suitable for working real  weak ssb on 160m from stateside. ( hence wanting to use the big loop.) The cardioid loop is no better..It has too low an output and also facing  nw will not null out the noise.

so to cancel out the noise on the big loop..

have tried different combinations of active was successful in that it received the noise same level as the big loop..( this ment did not have to reduce input ftom big loop into phaser, thus keeping sn ok.) BUT the loop in question was also hearing stuff I want to hear, so once feed though phaser cancelled it out!.. so no go..

so..miniwhip?? Short vertical.. OR out of the box thinking.
a.) use ( suitably connected) a street light very conveniently next to front garden hedge..?
B.) low iron railing/ fence around my front garden?
C.) 6m Ali pole holding up end of  dipole?

I like the street lamp  option..high impedance amp from street lamp against earth..


thanks Simon 

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