Re: Tips to improve LAA+ Performance?

Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

FWIW, I prefer UR43. It has less loss (a gnat’s whisker) and better screening than RG58 and I’ve been buying it from Henry Westlake for almost 40 years.





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Subject: Re: [CrossCountryWireless] Tips to improve LAA+ Performance?


Hi David,

No, They weren't. It was 50 Feet of good quality RG-6 vs a short 3 feet run of RG-58. With that said on SDRplay RSPdx at 15 Mhz the noise floor changed about 10 dBm higher for the 50 Ohm coax. That seems like quite a large difference which lead me to buy 50 FT of RG-58.

To me high noise floor could also mean more signal...

I know RG-58 isn't the best coax but i figure for the frequency range of LAA+ it's okay. RG-8X and LMR is far more costly.  

It was mentioned awhile go poorly mismatched to 50 Ohm could cause high noise and IMD products. Maybe the case here? 

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