Re: Tips to improve LAA+ Performance?

Eric Inloes

Hi David,

No, They weren't. It was 50 Feet of good quality RG-6 vs a short 3 feet run of RG-58. With that said on the SDRplay RSPdx at 15 Mhz the noise floor changed about 10 dBm higher for the 50 Ohm coax. That seems like quite a large difference which lead me to buy 50 FT of RG-58.

To me the higher noise floor could also mean more signal... Maybe not.

I know RG-58 isn't the best coax but i figure for the frequency range of LAA+ it's okay. RG-8X and LMR is far more costly.  

It was mentioned awhile go poorly mismatched to 50 Ohm could cause high noise and IMD products. Maybe the case here? 

Again, Sorry for the edits. Wish it didn't email you all. Trying to write this half asleep here :) 

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