Re: Tips to improve LAA+ Performance?

leslie norton

Hi Eric

I can give you my experience with the LAA+ as initially i was disappointed.
Initially i used the wire that came with the LAA+ and quite near the house, supplied with bog standard RG58, then i used some screened sky type shotgun cable which is 75ohm.
performance improved, then i decided as i had bought a drum of the cable, to move it well away from the house by 70ft and put it on the shed, again an improvement (less noise)
The loop is only 2m up from the ground.

I then put my Airwave loop on that i was using with my Wellbrook ALA-100, a big improvement.

Now here is an interesting development, i used my SDRplay to supply 5v from its own supply and that worked but then i swapped that for the LAA+ own biasT with the DC socket on and supplied it with 13.8v that i supply my FTDX3000 transceiver with. I can now say that the set up i have equals my Wellbrook.

Note the shotgun cable i bought was a decent type and of course you have to split it, advantage is you now have double the length!!

Hope this helps.

I now use the LAA+ set up plugged into my Rx port on my FTDX3000 and if noise is high I Tx on my Halfwave end fed and Rx on my loop.


On 3 Dec 2020, at 04:00, Eric Inloes <compaq963@...> wrote:

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So, I've had my LAA+ for awhile but initially HF performance above say 5 Mhz was pretty disappointing. Below that I was quite happy with it's performance.

With that said I'm back to the drawing board to try and improve it's performance. I've sense upgraded the loop form 10 feet of 1/4 inch copper pipe to 10 feet of 5/8 inch copper pipe bent into around a 1m loop to reduce the inductance. 

I was also using RG-6 75 Ohm coax and currently awaiting on some Amphenol RG-58 to switch to 50 Ohm and to try again. Figured RG-8X and LMR-240 isn't worth the cost for this. 

Any other ideas? :) 


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