Re: Tips to improve LAA+ Performance?

Paul Newland

Hi Eric
From what experience that I've had, the LAA+ is a serious performer.
I have only used it with the associated base unit, which I'm sure works better than the Bias-T of my SDRplay RSPs and of course takes good care of frequencies below 500Khz.
I previously used athe forerunner of the LAA+, the HF/VHF version and the one before that.
I attached the HF/VHF version to a !M aperture loop,constructed of 15mm copper tubing and it worked well powered by a RSP BiasT above 500Khz and am still using it indoors attached to an aluminium bicycle wheel loop (handy at times).
Performance is AT LEAST comparable to my Wellbrook antenna and although I have now optimised my antenna for lower frequencies, it is also an excellent performer on the VHF airband ( although the loop is however centered only just over !M above ground level).
This experience has persuaded me that using the associated base unit is advantageous.
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On Thu, 3 Dec 2020 at 03:10, Eric Inloes <compaq963@...> wrote:

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So, I've had my LAA+ for awhile but initially HF performance above say 5 Mhz was pretty disappointing. Below that I was quite happy with it's performance.

With that said I'm back to the drawing board to try and improve it's performance. I've sense upgraded the loop form 10 feet of 1/4 inch copper pipe to 10 feet of 5/8 inch copper pipe bent into around a 1m loop to reduce the inductance. 

I was also using RG-6 75 Ohm coax and currently awaiting on some Amphenol RG-58 to switch to 50 Ohm and to try again. Figured RG-8X and LMR-240 isn't worth the cost for this. 

Also I need to use the Bias-T for stuff below 500 KHz as the Bias-T with the SDRplay stuff will cut off anything below it. For that I decided to upgrade the PSU to one of these to avoid switching noise there. 

Any other ideas? :) 

Also, Sorry for all the edits!


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