Tips to improve LAA+ Performance?

Eric Inloes

So, I've had my LAA+ for awhile but initially HF performance above say 5 Mhz was pretty disappointing. Below that I was quite happy with it's performance.

With that said I'm back to the drawing board to try and improve it's performance. I've sense upgraded the loop form 10 feet of 1/4 inch copper pipe to 10 feet of 5/8 inch copper pipe bent into around a 1m loop to reduce the inductance. 

I was also using RG-6 75 Ohm coax and currently awaiting on some Amphenol RG-58 to switch to 50 Ohm and to try again. Figured RG-8X and LMR-240 isn't worth the cost for this. 

Also I need to use the Bias-T for stuff below 500 KHz as the Bias-T with the SDRplay stuff will cut off anything below it. For that I decided to upgrade the PSU to one of these to avoid switching noise there. 

Any other ideas? :) 

Also, Sorry for all the edits!


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