Re: Loop above gnd.height vs take off angle


Thank you Chris.much appreciated..

Ok then..160m only.

So my parallel crossed loop has to go or better be used for the noise antenna..shame..stunningly good for Europe..( or switched for Europe only.)

Cardioid loop..
How to make it have more output to drive the preamp.?
Is there any point in making loop from copper tubing? I suspect not due to the 110r resistor..

Is there any gain from making loop bigger dia? Say 2m? Maybe..

Is there any gain to using a different type preamp? Maybe..

And how to combine more than one loop? Making a new phaser to try just this..only issue I an facing is loops will not be inline to the direction i want, but broadside..not helpful..

Wondering if my parallel crossed loop could be converted to cardioid..maybe an experiment for tomorrow here..

Fun and games..all to be a bigger mouse on the 160m stage...


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