Re: Cheap TV splitter on HF = fail

Chris Moulding

It's all very nice looking at cheap TV splitters but I thought that I had better remind everyone that our most popular product at Cross Country Wireless is the range of Multicouplers that we have been manufacturing for quite a few years now.

We make three versions, the HF/VHF/UHF wideband version that is popular with radio amateurs and short wave listeners and the HF and VHF/UHF versions which tend to sell to professional users such as airports and the military.

So what's the difference over just using a few cheap splitters? The first one is that the loss in the internal Owen splitter is balanced by a low noise amplifier so that the gain is near to zero overall. This allows up to five receivers to operate exactly as if the antenna was connected directly to each individual receiver. This is especially important on the VHF and UHF frequencies where the loss of a simple splitter would seriously degrade the performance of the overall antenna/receiver system.

The Multicoupler also has a 20,000 A gas discharge tube on the input with additional overload and electrostatic protection for the input to the amplifier. The outputs also have RF protection diodes that can provide protection in case transmitters up to 350 W inadvertently transmit into any of the outputs.

If you have a series of very expensive receivers connected to your antenna all weathers 24/7 it's a good precaution to have something that can protect them.



It is also designed to be connected to the station ground system in professional radio stations to help provide a path to ground for lightning.

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