Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops


Hello again..been refreshing my memory..

May have an issue..loops will need ( even 2.) to be in line with direction i wish to hear in..this i think here will be nigh on impossible..i can add loops broadside, next to each other along a perimeter hedge, but then they will at 90 degrees to direction i wish to hear.( even though loops facing direction..)

Imagine a straight beach..all loops on waters edge..all looking towards sea..that i can do l l l l
What i cannot do is have loops all in a straight line from waters edge to beginning of beach. - - - -

Did i explain that ok?

The lz1aq delay line looks good..but will not work with 2 loops as i can fit in garden ( see above.) i dont have the space to fit a 3rd in another corner.( thus getting 360 steerable.)

I could maybe use short active verticals, but the man made noise here??? Back to the cardioid loops??

My knowledge of phasing arrays is now exhausted..any suggestions would be welcomed..( never had space to do so, so never learnt about..) just read 3 papers on the subject..will be re reading them later..


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