Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops


Like the photo!!( military base?!!

Was looking at similar on Cornwall coast..ex or maybe still used massive towers..over looking sea..there is more than one..Mary even says yes to buying one!!( once we sell house here in london.not yet though...)

Dont have the space for lots of loops.nor wife permission..
Could get 3-4 small 1m up, but really closely spaced..all cardioid maybe..phase them together and then against another noise loop..( cardioid loops on own will not null out noise due to direction of local noise in relation to where i want them aiming.)
So how to combine 4 loops in phase without having massive loss and spending £££? (Google time.)

Martin  Chris any thoughts??

Also about designing a higher (Lf) gain preamp optimised for the higher inductance cardioid loop?  (Aimed at low band users..)

Simon g0zen

On 22 Nov 2020, at 15:05, Martin - G8JNJ via <martin_ehrenfried@...> wrote:

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 12:53 PM, Simon wrote:
Ps shame i cannot work out a way of combining my quad rx loops with the cardioid design Chris posted.( quad loops much more “gain” than single loop.)
Hi Simon.

The original C&S loops were used in lines of four or eight to form arrays, and I'm fairly sure they just combined them all in phase.

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