Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops


Hi Martin

Yes it seems to work very well, atleast on frequency that i wanted to use it on.1845-50khz

I do need to add gain to the noise antenna..currently it is 6s points down on the main antenna, but still removes the smpsu noise though!

Noise antenna is a loop hidden in the front garden hedge with an average/ crap loop amplifier..the loop amp either needs more gain or I add a preamp in input line to phaser( inside the phaser box.)
Loop in hedge is “ aimed” at the offending noise.

Being heard quite well on 160m ssb ( on the big mag loop) stateside now..( season opened) but still struggling to hear them..soooo..

Now that i know the phaser works well it is time to make another along with another quad loop and good amplifier..this to see if can get any better rx from usa on 160..( adding rather than nulling.)
Issue here will be second quad loop is going to be VERY near the big tx/rx qro loop..( no where else to put it,) and only 10m from the existing rx quad loop..
Will it couple to big loop? I think not. But will need some rf protection and good coax choking etc..

Oh for a house on a beach with no neighbours!


Ps shame i cannot work out a way of combining my quad rx loops with the cardioid design Chris posted.( quad loops much more “gain” than single loop.)

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