Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops


Hi Chris and Martin

well been busy.. made a new phaser..old one was top of Martins page..the vk5 one..
it was always abit crap..but had nothing to compare it with..

made a wa1ion phaser..using main mag loop on antenna 1 and noise loop on antenna 2. ( not really enough gain on noise loop preamp, but will sort that.)

wow..chalk and cheese..soo much better..completely removes smpsu noise from mag loop..soo much easier to setup too..

now to make another phaser and install another quad loop..this time though to phase together two quad active loops..( facing usa for 160m.)

tried the cardioid go here..can not null out noise..but will retry now have a better phaser..

thanks for input and suggestions..

pic of phaser..( also has mag loop controller in same box.)


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