Re: LLA+ gain control



Just listened to the kiwi..( must confess have no idea what sdr rx you are using..sorry if you said.) has to ask do you have local noise issues..?

I have same as your loop at 2m above gnd on test ( comparing against my large loop array.set it up to modify for cardioid loop)

I live in london..high noise floor..on ccw preamp with 1m loop my noise floor is s0 on 160m..hearing iu2bgh at time of writing this s2..(s9 on mag loop, but noise floor s5 ...s7 on large loop array s1 noise floor.)
You have s7 noise floor.( and no iu2bgh heard.( no idea which way your loop facing.)) .but same setup..

Very strange..led lighting next to loop?..thats a massive amount of noise for a ccw preamp and 1m loop..

00.20 hours..1848 khz..

Do you have any other antennas to compare with??

See pic of here in London..using high gain loop array and my high gain preamp...on said 1848khz ( just after Paulo signed off.)

I can not see a ccw preamp and 1 m loop overloading anything ( considering its atleast 10db down on my large loop array ( more like 20db with my higher gain loop amp, which the photo is of.)
I have never had overload issues with my ccw preamp..( even on mw.)

Sdr in use here is elad fdm duo via yaesu ftdx3000 rx port.

Simon g0zen

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