Re: How to make a cardioid loop with a Loop Antenna Amplifier +


Hi Chris..

How critical is the max height?

As in i want to raise to above house gutter..which will be circa 6m ..( to see if clears local noise.)

Also wondering ..radiation pattern suggests it will not null out my smpsu noise..( which is outside my premises.actually i think many 100m away..gets worse in rain..and on my quad active loop.. (see pic) below is critical to get correct direction to null..on a single loop its nigh on impossible..not enough null.)

So..another active loop..aiming at noise then a phaser seems to be an answer..??

About to go outside in the rain at 23.30 to add a vertical wire from my loop to gnd..though its rather short..just to see if makes any difference to existing setup..most likely will not due to arrangement of loops..( switchable 90 directions..)


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