Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops


Sorry you say that possibly 1m of wire hanging down will do the job ( maybe.) do you mean just 1m of wire from loop?

Oh did you notice any increase in electrical pick up via the sense antenna?( compared to a standard loop?)

Thanks Simon..

On 10 Nov 2020, at 22:09, Simon <> wrote:

´╗┐Hi Chris

Thanks for info..

If you get the time could you upload a rough hand drawing of your prototype cardioid loop..espically the sense how long was yours and how was it terminated at gnd..( ie was it 6m of wire just hanging down and connected to a 6 inch gnd peg? Etc..)

On the hunt for some hula lock down lol or will be making to try tomorrow after work..

Thanks Simon..

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