Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops


Hi Chris

did you have any time today to do measurements?

also..been thinking..( a bad thing maybe.)..if the directional  loop can not null out the smpsu noise here in the direction i want the antenna to face ( most of the time.) ie nw to usa, then a phasing unit with another standard loop picking up the noise..cancelling out.??? .though i can see this upsetting the radiation pattern abit..

also the earth on the new loop vertical sense wire..what type of earth? A rod in the gnd..or tied to existing radial system etc..
due to my location, the earth could be a long way from loop..( unless mounted on side of house.) even this if on side  I expect will cause issues..6 m vertical wire with 2 m horizontal at way here of having the loop above gutter height and a direct gnd..
electical noise pickup from the earth..will it not make the loop “noisey”??

how about if vertical length at 6+2 is ok combining your neat recent isolated earth solution ( rad com.) 

is there a min or max length of sense wire?? Itching to try it..but to start with would be only 2-3m above gnd..( test.)

Sorry for the questions..simon

(of course all of above would be irrelevant if someone on here in the sticks would offer me use of their field to put up a beverage and use their wifi..happy to

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