Re: Loop height above gnd and 2 loops



Thank you..

See below for really poor drawing of plan of house..end of terrace..
As you can see not much room..
160-80 loop and 40m loop are the tx mag loops.
The 10-40m dipole is inverted v at 8m is trx for 10-40m, but only 100w not full qro..

Currently the active loop is in corner of land next to house..small land, not actually ours..but owners happy..road runs next to front of house and this land..

So only options of a high( ish ) loop are at A B or C..shack is on gnd level.
Chimney is out of the question due to no way of getting to it without ££ spent ..

Option A and B both have mounts attached to house..point C would need me to make one..(easy.)

If it turns out your cardioid antenna has no significant nulls on side then I will not be able to null out local smpsu then would try 2 loops and phaser to try to get some more gain/ better snr..

But each loop soo close to each other..( max 7m.) would it work??

Noise appears to be n/s direction..

Could try a loop in loft..but that is bound to fail..

Note current active loop is not high..can not be in its location( hiding behind tall hedge.)
Loops on house would be circa 6m to base of loops


Photo below is old..but gives idea of where to place higher loops..

Ttfn Simon

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