Re: Variable gain preamp anyone?

Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

FWIW, my interests are in broadcast DXing. MW, HF, VHF, DAB and TV in that order. Not much going on with the last three due to lack of antennas and in about a year or so I'm going to be in a position where I'm going to be forced to relocate. So I need to rethink my interests. I'm looking for compact antennas that I can use indoors hence the renewed interest in loops.
I can't see a loop/amp combo working from 80-900MHz.
But thanks to everyone for the advice and input.
Always appreciated!


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Or even better still, depending upon frequency of use..( and in conjunction with reducing gain on rx.)

This will not work if you want dc-light but say just want 10-30mhz..make loop small.
Want dc-2mhz..make loop bigger.
Reduces gain where not needed..


To remove nasty imd’s from strong mw stations add a notch filter inline with coax.

But yes Chris, I run my loop amps at 12v..(13.8v.) Fully agree with your post.


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