Re: Considering the active antenna for SWL (comments from forum members)

David Cutter


End fed wire to loop with  proper common mode treatment will be night and day, but don't just look for signal level comparison, the aim of the game is signal to noise ratio.  The SW8 should easily add as much gain as you need without bringing in more noise. 



On 19 September 2020 at 22:18 John Miller <aksafety@...> wrote:

I am considering purchasing the CCW active antenna for SWL. I’ve owned a Dressler ARA-60 years ago and it was excellent.

Any comments on reception, quality and mounting parameters would be most appreciated prior to me buying. I’m considering mounting to a fence adjacent to our home.

Right now I’m using a across the peak of the roof 65 ft end fed LW with a 9:1 balun on my Drake SW-8 which works well.



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