Re: loop antenna construction ideas.

Paul Newland

You could use an aluminium bicycle wheel (which has good inductance properties) as demo'd by Chris on an introductory video of the low-cost loop antenna amplifier...
I have one installed on an attic wall that does work within the constraint of being indoors.
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On Thu, 3 Sep 2020 at 08:25, <lee295012@...> wrote:
i tried making a loop with 4mm copper wire and found the reception very poor, i read on a prior post it should have used something thicker to lower resistance.

so what should i use for an attic install, i see on ebay you can buy copper tape or do have some RG213 up there it might be long enough.
how long should it be, 3 Meters enough?

using the CCW HF/VHF Loop antenna amplifier.

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