Re: ACTIVE BROADAND ANTENNA How do I improve HF performance?

Chris Moulding

We stopped manufacturing the Broadband Active Antenna at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.

During the lockdown I took the opportunity to re-design the antenna so that it will work directly from a 5V bias-T such as that in the SDRPlay receivers.

The prototype works really well and we are about to make the first batch of the new design. The manufacturer of the GRP tube we use for the antenna has not re-started production yet so I've ordered tube from another supplier but so far the promised delivery is two days late!

I've not worked out the final price yet until the first batch is built and tested and I know what shipping materials are needed.

I've already got a waiting list for the new antenna so we expect to make a second batch soon after the first one.

I'll post on the website and on this forum once the antennas are ready for sale.



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