ACTIVE BROADAND ANTENNA How do I improve HF performance?


My first posting here...I think I maybe posted earler it in the wrong place .....duuuh here it is again!

I have the earlier version of this excellent antenna.It does a great job on UHF and VHF and I'm about to test it on HF.

Chris states he redesigned it to make it more efficient on HF by adding a new ferrite.
I would appreciate advice as to how I might modify my earlier version of this antenna  to achieve the same effect; I assume the ferrite on the later version helps to cut common mode current on the outer sheath of the coax and of course reduce unwanted rf pickup by it too.
Any info on the best type of choke I could add....ferrite type...31,43,73, and windings, etc., would be very welcome.
73 to Chris and all from Jeff, 2E0CIT

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