Re: Status of CCW loop amp these days? Performance shipping delays due to COVID? Loop inductance?

Chris Moulding

Hi Eric,

We have good stocks of the Loop Antenna Amplifier ready to ship. We try to keep the stocks up in case we are affected by additional lockdowns.

From what we can tell shipping to the US is almost back to normal at present but I expect that it may be subject to delays in some of the states depending on the local Covid-19 situation.

We now make two versions, the Loop Antenna Amplifier + which covers LF, HF and VHF and the VLF Loop Antenna which covers VLF, LF and some HF. Both versions can now be used with the USB powered base unit with an additional amplifier or an unamplified bias-T up to 15V.

Both amplifiers are optimised for a single turn loop of about 1m or 3 feet diameter.



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